ZheJiang Laiman Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is the production of manufacturers, professional production: SMC cable branch box | strip isolating switch, fuse type isolating switch, fuse knife switch   enclosed bus system, plastic converters, such as HR17, HR5, HR6, HD, HG. at 0577-62779107. The company operates strictly in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 standards. Have CCC, CE, CB, and other test certificates. Web site: www.laiman.cn

In 2000 the company introduced Germany JM hundred years of production technology, after more than twenty years of overseas and domestic sales, become a practitioner and leader bar switch technology. The company has dozens of invention patents and utility model patents. The trademark "LaiMan" has gradually become an international brand. It is now serving the government projects in dozens of countries such as Germany, Poland, Czech, Spain, Turkey, India and Malaysia. The company has been highly recognized in the international market.

The core component of the cable branch box, the bar switch, is easy to repair and easy to operate, and is gradually accepted by the market. In recent years, Hebei, Heilongjiang and other provinces of the state Power Grid Corp have carried out comprehensive, in-depth cooperation and become an excellent supplier. It has been rated as the star enterprise, received the commendation and reward of the government, and won the honorary title of science and technology enterprises and high and new technology enterprises.



On behalf of Laiman electric limited company all staff welcome you to join our team, to build a harmonious family; at the same time, as your business partner and the highest honor to feel you choose our "LaiMan", the company will grow in your entry, thank!

Talent is the capital of enterprise development, and enterprise is the stage of talent display. I believe that every new employee can give full play to their talent and potential; I believe that action methods, any great dreams if not put into action, such as fertile land without sowing as barren. In Laiman , may we use action to sow, expect you to show your potential and reap success; in Laiman , may we use sweat to irrigate, and expect to cooperate with you for income. Hope that through the company's trust and your return to the company, in the rapid development and fierce competition in the domestic market, and even the challenges of the global market, with your common development and common growth.

Innovation is the motive force of enterprise sustainable growth, strong international sales team with strong technical force, management enables us to open up new markets, towards a new direction, I hope you can stay in a work flow, a sweat.

For our common cause, Lehmann promised to continue to focus on employee welfare and personal development, with a high level of compensation and benefits and broad space for development, and harmonious corporate culture and human nature to maximize encourage and reward their contribution to the company.

I hope every employee after reading can consciously abide by the provisions stated in the manual management, work together, sincere cooperation, common to the construction of "LaiMan" brand, to contribute to a better tomorrow, together with the company development, and common progress! The company sincerely welcome elites to display their talent, Almon map.

I wish you a pleasant stay and success in Laiman Electric Appliance Co., ltd.!



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    Let's use all the appliances
    More energy efficient and safer
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    Passion, Innovation, Excellence, Efficiency
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    According to hillock, only ability and ability, both ability and political integrity
    Yanyilvji, pragmatic and enterprising
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    Be a good man
    Hard work
    Aggressive and advanced
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    Equality, mutual benefit, transparency and win-win situation
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