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State Grid reform, the municipal government to support, if you need a strip switch, let us together for the power grid renovation escort

Do you handle low voltage appliance products?

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Would you like to join the national grid reconstruction project?

The leaders of the state must invigorate the economy, follow the party's footsteps and raise their incomes. What are you waiting for?

Future development and application of bar isolator

Strip switch is taking the place of molded case circuit breaker, with expansion function, convenient installation of accessories, remote control, which is the direction of national grid reconstruction, and also the purpose of specifying new. The beginning of 2014, the national grid will increase the power grids of the input, to achieve national cable into the ground, the large demand for low voltage cable branch box, the bidding project will increase 30% annually, and the bar is the isolation switch demand will be 4-5 times. The national grid designated products bar Lehmann isolation switch, joined the fleet of power grids

Are you questioning the company's strength?

Lehmann Electric Co., formerly known as the Ministry of foreign trade China Delixi Group, located in the "electricity" in Liushi, founded in 2000, The company has been dedicated to the research and development, production and sale of strip disconnector. The company philosophy: we want to do the same as the art products. For 5 consecutive years, ranked as the forefront of Yueqing foreign trade enterprises, in 2012 was named "star enterprise", won the recognition and reward of the government, and won the "Hongkong innovation enterprise" honorary title. Our products are exported all over the world and have CCC, CE, CB, GB, UL and other test certificates, and strictly operate according to ISO9001:2008 quality management standards. As the leader of the strip isolating switch, Lehmann electric appliance has also become the designated supply unit for the domestic power grid transformation and bidding. And German manufacturers invest $7 million 500 thousand to build a Lehman energy technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., Hongkong Lehmann Co. Ltd., Lehman energy technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Lehmann Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. as the main body system, in order to build a nationwide production base and set up regional distributor, for steady development, perfect as to develop efficient production and sales as one of the enterprises, the quality of the company is strong in technology products, the trademark "LaiMan" has become an international brand. Company: one hundred years of service guarantee for life; the commitment has also won the praise of our customers.

At present, the company sales in the domestic market is growing, LMHR Series bar isolation switch is designed for the domestic market research and design of a listing will immediately received industry recognition, bidding become special bar isolation switch power company, design institute and the manufacturer specified. Now, in order to solve the linear isolation on the domestic market switch purchase difficult, the difficult problem of customer service, in order to better serve the national power grid renovation project and the majority of customers and to promote the "LMHR Series bar switch" sales, the company decided to establish a "dealer cooperation system" in the country. Welcome people of insight to negotiate!

If you are dealing in electrical equipment industry;

If you are a low voltage branch box manufacturer;

If you need to increase product profits;

If you are looking for a bar disconnecting switch;

Then we thank you for escorting the grid reform!

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